All lessons and fittings are exclusively Located at Plum Creek Golf Club 12401 Lynnwood Boulevard, Carmel, IN. My goal is to continue providing you with quality golf instruction while ensuring your safety and minimizing risks. I will be adhering to all local community COVID-19 social distance and sanitation guidelines. For those choosing to remain at home, I am still willing to give lessons virtually via the CoachNow app, so please ask me about that if you are interested.

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Any questions on programs, please text Scott’s Cell Phone 248-635-4183 for immediate response.

Emails will be checked daily, but not until after 9pm.




Scott Barla is Director of Instruction at Plum Creek Golf Club in Carmel Indiana and an indoor instructor during the off season. He uses industry leading technology to improve the skills and abilities of his students. Scott is also a certified club fitter with many of the top brands in golf.


PGA Junior Golf Camp

Plum Creek is proud to host the 2021 PGA Junior Golf Camp. Open to children ages 7-16. This year all registration is being maintained through the PGA. Please click the button below to register for the camp. REGISTER HERE

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By the lost art of human interaction and in-person instruction Scott Barla provides the student with an accelerated process to play the sport for business, recreation and life long happiness. A unique combination of technical training and on-the-course instruction defines the Scott Barla as a true leader in golf instruction. Individual and Group lessons are available. Scott also teaches during the winter via indoor golf simulators. See lesson rates below for more details.


When it comes to purchasing golf equipment, opting for a custom club fitting is the most impactful decision you can make. Leading PGA professionals like Scott Barla are bringing this technology to an ever increasing segment of the golfing world. You might not think your game warrants this level of precision, but all players benefit from having properly fitted clubs.

There’s a lot of exceptional equipment out there, but club fitting ensures that you are purchasing the right equipment.

See fitting rate details below, all services are booked through Scott, call 1-248-635-4183.


Technology, both electronic and non-electronic, play a substantial role in the Scott’s approach to instruction. Whether it’s dailing in ball flight metrics with the Foresight GCQuad or logging personalized key teaching points with the CoachNow app, Scott uses technology to deliver superior comprehensive instruction and help you get most out of your lesson.


Below are rates for the core services provided. Feel free to call Scott with any questions, 1-248-635-4183.

If you’d like to see the full booking page, click here.




/30 minutes

50 minute lesson $100

Lesson Package, Five 30 min lessons $300

Lesson Package, Five 50 min lessons $400


AGES 5-18


/30 minutes

50 minute lesson $75

Lesson Package, Five 30 min lessons $250

Lesson Package, Five 50 min lessons $350




/per person

3-5 Person LESSON


Flat Fee

Large Group 6+


Flat Fee


Custom Club Fitting – 50 Minute – $90
Custom Full Set Fitting (Excludes Putter) – 1.5 hours – $195
Custom Putter/Wedge Fitting – 50 Minute – $90
After the fitting, if an individual decides to buy equipment from Barla Golf Academy, a discount on the total purchase will be applied after custom fit clubs are ordered and delivered to the player.


Scott also conducts clinics offsite. Whether it’s a business event or a friendly outing, an offsite golf clinic is a great idea for your next event.
50 Minute Clinic with GC2 Quad Simualtor and Indoor Net
Large groups of six of more people 


Certified Fit

Scott Barla is a certified fitter with many leading brands in golf.

Ages 7-16

Plum Creek Golf Club is proud to host a summer PGA Jr. Golf Camp. This golf centered summer camp introduces your child to the game, but also is filled with a variety of activities to keep your child challenged, engaged and entertained.

This year all registration is being maintained through the PGA. Please click the button below to register for the camp.

Plum Creek Golf Club is hosting a July Pee Wee Golf Program. This is a great way to introduce your child (3-6 year olds) to the game of golf! Students will learn safety, rules, etiquette, and more. There will also be individual instruction.

STEP 1: Download/fill out the registration form below

STEP 2: Drop form off with payment at Plum Creek Pro Shop.

(248) 635-4183

Feel free to call Scott with any questions

Address Plum Creek Golf Club, 12401 Lynnwood Boulevard,
Carmel, IN 46033