Why Golf Club Fitting Matters

Why Club Fitting Matters

When it comes to purchasing golf equipment, opting for a custom club fitting is the most impactful decision you can make. Traditionally, the average golfer hasn't been able to take advantage of the game's increasingly sophisticated fitting technology, but leading edge PGA professionals like Scott Barla are bringing this technology to a much larger segment of the golfing world. You might not think your game warrants this level of precision, but our experience has shown that all players benefit from having properly fitted clubs.

There's a lot of exceptional equipment out there, but club fitting ensures that you are purchasing the right equipment.

  • Improved Consistency
  • Added Length
  • Increased Margin for Error

Scott Barla Named Top 100 Fitter in the Nation in 2018 by Mizuno

Fitting Rates

GC2 Quad Custom Club Fitting Hybrids & Irons Only fitting 30 minutes - $50
GC2 Quad Custom Driver or Fairwary Wood Fitting 30 minutes - $50
GC2 Quad Custom Wedge Fitting 30 minutes - $50
GC2 Quad Custom Ball Fitting 30 minutes - $50
PING Putter Fitting Application or SeeMore Putter Custom Fitting 30 minutes - $50
GC2 Quad Custom Fitting for Entire Bag of Clubs (Driver, Fairway, Hybrids, Irons and Putter) 1.5 hours - $125
After the fitting, if an individual decides to buy equipment from Barla Golf Academy, a discount on the total purchase will be applied after custom fit clubs are ordered and delivered to the player.

Club/Instruction Packages

Purchase a Club/Instruction Package from the Barla Golf Academy and receive a 30 minute training session with the purchase of the club. These packages include a new club (custom fitting and/or brand name shaft depending on the selection below) and a private lesson to ensure you maximize the value of the equipment. Clubs available for pickup at Sahm Golf Course. Select the desired option from the list below to reserve your club and instruction session time slot. Shipping option available for an additional fee, contact Scott Barla for details 1-248-635-4183 . Makes a great holiday gift!
Scott Barla is a Mizuno Certified Club Fitter
Scott Barla is a PING Certified Club Fitter
Scott Barla is a Certified SeeMore Club Fitter
Scott Barla is a Tour Edge Certified Club Fitter