Scott Barla utilizes industry leading technology to maximize the impact of this golf instruction. The information below shows the different technologies that you can expect to work with when you sign up for a lesson or fitting with Scott.

The GCQuad

The world’s first quadrascopic launch monitor.

Scott Barla is proud to use the world’s most advanced launch monitor. The GCQuad offers our students the world’s best virtual golf instruction experience.

Focus Band Brain Training Golf Technology

The FocusBand

The world’s #1 in motion brain training system

The FocusBand headset and app provides neurofeedback, a proven method to train the brain. It allows you to experience the optimal desired brainwave state using audible and visual feedback.


Get more from your instruction with CoachNow

The Barla Golf Academy utilizes the innovative connectivity tool, CoachNow, to stay connected with students, log and store key points of instruction, and keep track of progress as you build on your instruction to improve your skills. CoachNow maximizes the value of your golf lesson by storing the knowledge transferred and progress made for later reference.